About The Minsistry

No runner ever won a race by looking over their shoulder. They are focused on the goal - the finish line - the prize. We have to put the past behind us, live in the present, and press toward the prize of the high calling.

-Jesten Peters

I shall give you the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, and whatever you forbid on earth will be forbidden in heaven and whatever you allow on earth will be allowed in heaven.

Matthew 16:19 The Translator's New Testament

Our Mission Statement

No failure for a lack of knowledge – in accordance with Ephesians 4:11-16, it is our desire to offer sound teaching to help grow up the body of Christ by laying a foundation of precept upon precept and line upon line of the Word of God.

Our VIsion Statement

I see hundreds and even thousands of people coming to teaching seminars where the uncompromising Word of God is being taught. I see infant and young Christians embracing the truths of the Gospel; learning what “Keys of Authority” they have to unlock spiritual truths and growth. I see them taking these “Keys” with them into every day life and growing up spiritually. And not stopping there, but going on to touch the lives of other infant and young Christians to help them grow up.

One main truth is this: put the past behind and press on toward the prize of the high calling of God through Christ Jesus. No one can move ahead when constantly being pulled back to the past.

This dream and vision is big. But God has given each one of us a creative element and the ability to dream big. Sometimes we are reluctant to dream big, yet our dream should know no boundaries based on Eph. 3:20. I want us to master the art of seeing the invisible. Let us emulate Jesus with our drive, passion and vision.


Keys of Authority Ministries was birthed after Jesten felt a stirring in her spirit in the Spring of 2005 to “get out of the boat” (or comfort zone) and to get into full-time ministry, something she had felt she was called to years earlier. After attending Judy Jacobs’ International Institute of Mentoring in October, 2005, and being led by God in how to start the ministry, Keys of Authority Ministries was incorporated in December 2005.

Since that time, Jesten has traveled thousands of miles each year spreading the uncompromising Word of God, recorded teaching programs for television, taught numerous Bible Studies at local churches, written articles for Christian magazines, and became a published author in 2012 with the release of Running To Win The Race.

In her second book, which was released in 2018, Superabundantly More Than All That We Dare Ask or Think or DREAM, she shares the journey of starting the ministry, and it’s early years. Her newest release, Nothing Can Separate Us From The Love Of God, shares her personal testimony and God’s faithfulness throughout the ups and downs of her life.

The logo for Keys of Authority Ministries, Inc. consists of 7 keys, individually named: knowledge, holiness, prayer, forgiveness, repentance, faith and love.

What We Believe

1. Mankind (male and female) was made: perfect, in the image of God, to commune with God, and was given dominion (authority) over the earth.

2. Mankind chose to disobey God’s instructions, and through this disobedience brought sin and death into this perfect world. Mankind lost its authority or dominion over the earth, and communion with God was broken and needed to be restored.

3. Because of one man, the “first Adam” it would take the “second Adam” Jesus Christ to redeem mankind back to God. Mankind cannot redeem itself – only the sinless Son of God shedding His blood for the remission of sin would bring back communion and reconciliation with God.

4. Jesus Christ was born of a virgin and conceived by the Holy Spirit; therefore He was born without the sin nature of mankind. It is by Him, and Him alone that our communion and reconciliation to God has been purchased. There is no other way to commune with God, other than believing and confessing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

5. Jesus Christ bore stripes upon His body to purchase our healing. Jesus Christ died a horrible death on the cross, shedding His blood that we would be made righteous (brought back to ‘right standing’) with the Father. Jesus Christ went to hell, conquered Satan and all the demonic forces of hell, rose from the dead with the keys of death and hell. He has all power and authority and has given authority to the Church (Body of Christ) by the use of His Name.

6. The Church was born on Pentecost when the power of the Holy Spirit came to those praying in the upper room. The Holy Spirit still baptizes and dwells in us to give us the power to be witnesses of Jesus Christ to all the world.

7. Members of the Church (Body of Christ) are commanded to love the Lord our God with all of our heart, soul, and mind, and our neighbor as our self. It is only through the love of God, and showing our love one to another, that the world is going to see that we are His disciples.

8. Ministry gifts that Jesus Christ gave to the Church (the Body of Christ) include: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. These gifts were given to help the Church (the Body of Christ) to grow up in Him, so that they would not be swayed by false doctrine.

9. Instead of bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ, parts of the Church (Body of Christ) have replaced the Word of God (the scriptures) with philosophies, traditions, false winds of doctrine, political correctness, and have exalted these things above the knowledge of God.

10. The Church (Body of Christ) is being called back to holiness, prayer, repentance, and bringing down every high thing in our lives that we have exalted above God. We should also be watching and praying for the soon return of our King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus Christ.

Would You Like to Meet Jesus?

1. Ask yourself this very simple questions: If I were to die today and stand before God and He were to ask me “Why should I let you into My Heaven?” What answer would you give Him?

2. You must come to realize that being a “good person” is not going to get you into heaven. You must also realize that you cannot save yourself, and the Church that you are a member of or attend cannot save you. Only accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior will save you. This is a free gift from God, you cannot earn your way into His heaven and we do not deserve it. Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose from the dead to pay the penalty for our sins and to purchase a place in heaven for us.

3. God is a merciful and loving God. He has provided everything that we need to live a godly and holy life. However, if we do not receive this free gift, He will not force it upon us, and by refusing Him we are accepting punishment for our sins – we will forever be separated from God throughout all eternity.

4. If you would like to receive this free gift – Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior – you must repent and turn from your old life. You must believe in your heart that Jesus Christ died to pay the penalty for your sins, and confess with your mouth that He is Lord. In doing so, you transfer your trust from yourself, your good works, membership in your church, to Jesus Christ alone.

If you are serious about receiving this free gift, please pray this prayer:

Heavenly Father, I realize that I cannot save myself – I cannot earn my way into heaven – and attending church will not guarantee my salvation. The only way that I can be saved is by accepting the free gift of eternal life that Jesus Christ purchased for me by dying on the cross and being raised from the dead. Thank you for Your love, mercy and grace in providing this free gift to me. I repent for living a life that is not pleasing to You, and I will turn from my old ways and live for You. I now believe with my heart and confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord. In the name of Jesus, amen.

5. Welcome to the family of God. Please e-mail me and let me know that you have made this decision. I encourage you to begin to read your Bible every day – beginning with the book of John in the New Testament. Pray everyday. If you do not have a good Bible believing church that you attend, I urge you to find one and attend every week. Get involved in Bible study so you can grow up and mature in this new life.

If you do not own a Bible, you can purchase one for $1 at Dollar Tree stores. Or most churches will provide one to you.

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Jesten is available to travel anywhere that the doors are open for her to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.







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